The Tiger is a tiger owned by professional boxer Mike Tyson. At around 3:30am during the Bachelor Party, Phil, Stu, Doug and Alan snuck into the tiger's cage, leashed it, walked it back to the stolen Police Cruiser, snuck it into the villa, and kept it in their bathroom.

The next morning Alan discovered the tiger while urinating and warned the others. Later on that afternoon after returning, they discovered Mike Tyson and his manager Leonard in the villa. Mike knocked out Alan and advised that they bring the tiger back to his home.

Alan put 5 roofies into a piece of raw meat, also seasoning it with pepper (stating that tigers love pepper and hate cinnamon), and after losing to Rock, Paper, Scissors with Phil, Stu had to throw it in to the tiger. The tiger passed out and they stuffed it in the back of the Mercedes. They were also forced to put it in an elevator with a family of 4, and the son in the family tried to pull off the blanket to see what's inside, but he was stopped. It awoke during the drive though, clawing Phil's neck, making him crash into a bus, and shredding the interior and windows of the car. They finally pushed the car back to Tyson's for about 1 mile and the surveillance tape from the night before showed the four stealing the Tiger.