Mason Lee 01
Mason Lee plays Stu's soon-to-be brother in law Teddy in The Hangover Part II. Mason is a virtually unknown in Hollywood... aside from being the son of famous director Ang Lee. The Hangover Part II will be his first role in a major motion picture, apart from a small role he played as a baby in 1993's "The Wedding Banquet," directed by his father, Mr.Ang Lee. Mason Lee was born in the year of 1990 and he was 21 years old when The Hangover 2 was released.Currently as of today Mason Lee is 24 years old. He has only shown in 2 movies, he has an older brother named Haan Lee, Haan was born in 1984, and as is currently 30 years old. Ang Lee, their father, has been married to Jane Lin since 1983. Ang Lee is a famous Director.He directed movies like Hulk,Brokenback Mountain,Taking Woodstock,Life of Pi and many more.