Background information
First appearance: The Hangover Part II
Latest appearance: The Hangover Part II
Portrayer: Paul Giamatti
Character information
Full name: Peters
Other names: Kinsgley
Race: Caucasian
Status: Alive
Death Cause:
Born: 1960s
Age: 40s
Profession: Interpol police detective
Family and relatives:
Friends: Samir
Enemies: Leslie Chow

Detective Peters (known as his undercover name Kingsley) is a main character The Hangover Part II.

The Hangover Part IIEdit

In the middle of the film, Phil, Stu and Alan find an address of a luxury hotel called Hotel Lebua. The bus also had. It was scheduled for 6:00 pm (18:00), according to the watch Phil, missing 20 minutes to arrive at the hotel. They also agreed that they were on time 5:40 pm (17:40) for 20 minutes.

Kingsley said that Chow has a password on a bank account. He said his team took the Teddy the fray of White Lion bar in Bangkok, Thailand. If Phil, Stu, Alan Chow bring alive the password and the account, expel Teddy. If you do not bring it all, he and the team will kill Teddy. Almost end of film, Phil, Stu, Alan and Chow went to the hotel. Almost Phil, Stu and Alan before he left he said the location of Chow money transfer: "In the roof of Lebua Hotel, the next day, the 8 o'clock in the morning". When they got on the roof, Kingsley was there, hoping that the transfer is complete. The account number is: "814-592398" and the password is Mortadella1. For Chow, formerly the password was only Mortadella, only questioned now put a number.

When the download is complete, the helicopter Bangkok police appears by surprise, and for believing that Chow, Kingsley is the Interpol police detective. Chow is stuck in time.