Mr. Srisai
Background information
First appearance: The Hangover Part II
Latest appearance: The Hangover Part II
Portrayer: Nirut Sirijanya
Character information
Full name: Fong Srisai
Other names: Mr. Srisai
Race: Thai
Status: Alive
Death Cause:
Appearance: Grey hair, dark blue eyes
Born: May 24, 1947
(Zodiac Sign: Gemini)
Age: 64
Profession: Retired
Home: Somewhere in Thailand
Family and relatives: Mrs. Srisai (wife)
Lauren (daughter)
Teddy (son)
Friends: Stuart Price
Enemies: Stuart Price (formerly)
Likes: Teddy follow her own path
Dislikes: Lauren marry to Stu (formerly)

Mr. Fong Srisai is the main antagonist in The Hangover Part II, as he rudely kept trying to get his daughter to break up with Stu and constantly antagonized Stu in public, and even tried to call off the wedding at the end, however, Stu's defiant speech changes his mind, and he decides to accept him.